Established in 1991, Tecofil brand has been recently taken over by T.E.C.O.F.I.L. S.r.l.,a new company formed by former employees of the historical enterprise in Lugo. T.E.C.O.F.I.L. S.r.l. is a modern company specialised in design, construction, installation and sale of equipments and systems for waste water and sludge treatment.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of water treatment, supported by an over ten-years’ experience in the field, T.E.C.O.F.I.L. is the ideal business partner for troubleshooting issues related to filtration and water purification.

T.E.C.O.F.I.L. is firmly convinced that productive activity should develop together with environmental laws. Thus, its staff dedication is all about the construction of equipments properly designed and implemented by means of absolutely necessary environmental assessments for achieving an excellent technical and economic balance.

Success gained by Tecofil technology on the National market led its managers to throw down a challenge to foreign markets, aware of the importance of its staff skills in environmental matters.