TECOFIL Sales Department
A dynamic commercial staff supports customer in the choice of machinery more suitable to satisfy specific technical requirements, in order to achieve an advantageous price/quality ratio.

TECOFIL Engineering
The commitment of technical department is aimed at supporting the client in the study of customized design solutions, focused  on development and optimization of dehydration processes, in accordance with current regulations on environmental protection.

Special attention is devoted to the continuous development of the software for the filter-presses management, both with regard to the display panel and to PLC, which allows to manage the various process stages and the executive timing.
TECOFIL Aftersale Assistance
A specific department guarantees security of post sales assistance. 
The company can provide spare parts concerning a wide set of T.E.C.O.F.I.L. machinery and others on the market.
A dynamic and flexible structure, supported by a widespread organization for geographical areas, allows T.E.C.O.F.I.L. to guarantee assistance and fast maintenance interventions both in Italy and abroad.